It isn't rocket science ...

... but it is Rocket Logic!

Isn't it about time you switched to a better consulting group? Most of us have over 15 years in experience making the near impossible possible, and the hard easy. We work with many platforms and architectures to meet your needs. When you need professional level programming and consulting for your applications and projects, choose RocketLogic!.

We offer development and design consulting/contracting for Java and C based web services, CASS interfacing, and high function web enabled interfaces. Offering services of multiple developers based in the Indianapolis area.

A few of the recent interesting things we have done ...

We have experience with enabling other types of 'text' interfaces. From enabling with a thin client, to replacing with 'true GUIs' across a WAN using a variety of back-end languages. The communications and maagement framework can also be used along with your existing GUI.

Porting your application between versions, hardware and operating systems, and/or adding a GUI to an existing non-transactional 'text' (or even Windows GUI system) can be overwhelming. We have had experience adding GUI's to text applications, even when they aren't transactional. We have also taken 'fat client' applications and added thin client support at the same time improving performance and security. Platform moves have involved moving to/from Windows and UNIX based systems. Some projects have also converted Btrieve Novell/DOS/OS2 systems into a multi-platform product that now runs on UNIX and other current platforms and can use technologies like Faircom's c-tree server.


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